Reborn doll Felicia by Gudrun Legler reborn by Sara Lahaie from Reborn Dolls by Sara.  Post in a blog called how to care for your vinyl reborn baby doll: after care instructions.

After Care Instructions: How to care for your reborn baby doll

Ultimate guide on how to care for your reborn art doll: after care instructions.
Buy now pay later on the Reborn Dolls by Sara website using PayPal Goods and Services, Lay-Buys, Lay-buy, Shop Pay Instalments or Sezzle.  What their differences are.

Which Payment Plan Should I Use? What Are the Differences?

I offer three payment plans, so I decided to write out the differences of each one to help you decide which is best suited for you. Sezzle Sezzle lets you split...


All prices.
How much are reborn dolls? How I price my reborn art dolls.

How I price my reborn art dolls

How I price my reborn art dolls.

When it comes to my reborn art dolls, I don't have a one-price-fits-all approach.  I like to charge for cost of materials, and my time (labour).  

Factors that affect cost are type of reborn...

What is the difference between a cuddle baby and a reborn doll? On the left is cuddle baby Bethany by Linda Murray, right is realborn reborn Darren by Bountiful Baby, a regular vinyl reborn with limbs.

Types of Reborn Dolls and Their Material

What is the difference between a cuddle baby and reborn?

What is the difference between a silicone reborn and a vinyl reborn?

What is a partial silicone doll?

I answer all of these questions and more in this blog.

Counterfeit copy of sold out limited edition April by Joanna Kazmierczak-Pietka. How to avoid getting scammed. List of reborn doll scam websites.

List of Reborn Doll Scammers and Counterfeit Sellers

List of known reborn scammers and counterfeit websites, and how counterfeit reborns are dangerous for your health. How not to get scammed when buying a reborn doll. Legitimate reborn doll artists and stores.
Fake counterfeit scam version of Levi by Bonnie Brown from AliExpress Amazon Wish Reborn Doll.

Where and How to Buy a Reborn Art Doll and Not Get Scammed

How and where to buy an authentic, legit, reborn art doll and not get scammed.
Sparrow, reborn cuddle baby made by Reborn Dolls by Sara from the Suu Kyi kit by Adrie Stoete, saying "why are reborns so expensive?" for a blog called "why reborn dolls cost so much."

Why are reborn dolls so expensive?

What does it cost to make a reborn? Why are reborn dolls so expensive? Why are there cheap reborns out there and expensive ones? What do I need to invest in to become a reborn doll artist? 

How to make a reborn art doll blog and list of tutorials. In the photo I am pictured rooting a reborn doll and using a magnifying glass.

Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Reborn Art Doll

How are reborn dolls made? How do I become a reborn doll artist? Where can I watch free reborning tutorials? What do I need to start a reborn doll business? Where can I purchase reborning supplies? I answer all of these questions and more in my blog on How to Make a Reborn Art Doll.
Why I Became a Reborn Doll Artist

Why I Became a Reborn Doll Artist

"Becoming a reborn doll artist was actually a sequence of events in my life that started when I was six years old, and in hindsight, everything that happened in my life was a stepping stone to get to this point - but I will try to shorten my story for you!"
Patient with Alzheimer's dementia holding a reborn baby doll. What are reborn dolls for? Who buys reborns and how can they help? What's the point of reborns? Why do people buy reborn dolls?

What are Reborns for? Who buys reborn dolls? How do they help?

Reborn dolls are actually a form of 3D art in the shape of a baby, to be enjoyed and collected by anyone who pleases.  However; research into doll therapy has revealed that holding a reborn doll can also help parents with the grief process following a loss, individuals who have dementia or Alzheimer's and people who suffer from depression and anxiety.