I offer three payment plans, so I decided to write out the differences of each one to help you decide which is best suited for you.


Sezzle lets you split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments over the period of 6 weeks.

  • 6 Weeks until paid off
  • Sezzle pays me in 2 business days, and you get your order right away! I pay a small fee to them, but you don't pay anything.
  • No interest if paid on time
  • No impact on credit score
  • Free payment reschedules
  • Get order immediately
  • Create an account and get more info here

    Shop Pay Instalments

    Shop Pay is an app that allows you to shop and purchase items.  When you checkout, you can pay in full or split up your purchases.  

    • Order must be $50USD or more in value including discounts and taxes
    • Order ships once I receive the money which is typically in 2-5 business days 
    • You decide the terms of your instalments yourself.  They can be bi-weekly (must use a credit card) which is free with 0% interest, or monthly (can use a debit or credit card) which may be subject to interest 
    • It does not accept Capital One credit cards or pre-paid credit cards
    • Payments are automatic unless turned off
    • Manual payments accepted any time with no penalty
    • Cannot make changes to payment schedule
    • Credit score not affected if using bi-weekly payments, but monthly payments are reported to the credit bureau
    • You need to create an account to get started.  Click here for more info. Click here to create an account.

    PayPal Payment Plan with me, privately 

    If you're shopping from outside of Canada or the United States, or want a different payment plan, you and I can work together using PayPal Goods and Services and set up our own payment plan.

    • For customs or portrait babies or any other reborn, I require a down payment of $250USD (or less depending on the reborn's final cost) to purchase your kit and get started.
    • If you're buying clothes or anything else, the downpayment can be negotiated
    • I prefer payments to be on a bi-weekly schedule
    • We can make the payment plan extend over the period of 6 months
    • Free for both of us to use (aside from PayPal fees)
    • Your order won't get shipped until it's paid for in full
    • Any payment missed (without prior communication) results in forfeiture of all payments made to date and loss of the reborn
    • Credit score not affected
    • PayPal accepts all payment methods


    Sara Lahaie said:

    Hi Nikki. The $250 is for the deposit. The prices are based on the size of the baby and hairstyle, since labour is a factor as well. I have a blog called Prices with my price list you can visit, and you can also check out the custom opening for the prices. – Sara

    Nikki Algien said:

    So I only get paid once a month, is the 250.00 for non customized babies also?
    I have really always wanted a baby, that looked and felt real, since I could never biologically have kids of my own because of my
    Congenital heart problems.

    I am looking for a awake baby, that can take a paci either full paci or modified.

    Sex of baby either. Eventually I want a boy and girl

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