When it comes to my reborn art dolls, I don't have a one-price-fits-all approach.  I like to charge for cost of materials, and my time (labour).  

Factors that affect cost are type of reborn (vinyl/silicone/partial silicone/cuddle baby etc.), size of reborn (9"-28"), hairstyle (bald/painted/combi/micro-rooted), and eyes open or closed.  

I don't charge for shipping (except for the materials) or box openings.  Those are both on me. 

My box openings are You-Tube worthy, and include 2 outfits, a handmade silicone pacifier clip, a magnetic pacifier, diapers, a blanket and other surprise items. 

So, here is how I price my reborn art dolls when it comes to custom and portrait babies:

How I charge for my reborn art dolls.  Prices.

Invoices can be sent by request, as well as estimates. You can also visit the Customs and Portraits section of my website, choose your type and size of reborn, then choose your hairstyle to see the prices.  

Do you think it would be easier for me to have a one-price fits all approach? Let me know in the comments ⬇️ 

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