All of these babies have been adopted.


Jack by Nikki Johnston. This special girl was created to resemble her collector when she was a baby. She has a fully micro-rooted head of hair, and her mom wanted it kept long with a little 'ducktail' in the back.


Custom baby Mick by Adrie Stoete was created with the client's vision in mind for a very newborny look.

Ashton Grey

Avelee by Tiffany Campbell. Ashton Grey is a partial portrait baby. She was loosely based on photos of the client's daughter.


Laura by Bonnie Brown. This was a portrait baby. Sera's mom submitted some photos of her daughter, Sera, and I recreated her.


Saskia by Bonnie Brown. This was a custom order and her mom wanted her to have long curly black hair and blue eyes! She turned out stunning.


Marnie by Bountiful Baby.

Raymond David

Ana by Gudrun Legler. This baby was created to look like what his collector's real baby could have looked like! The client submitted some photographs of herself as a baby, and together we chose this kit and I made him to look like her. He has combi hair, meaning it was painted all over, then lightly rooted through the crown.


Nino by Vincenzina Care. Nino was a custom order where the client sent me the kit, I painted him, weighted him, and sent him home!

Nino is the first ever reborn doll kit with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. He is now a sold out kit.


Fei Yen by Cindy Musgrove. This was my first alternative reborn, designed for a client for Halloween!

Brooklyn aka Brookie

Brooklyn by Bountiful Baby. Brookie is my resident reborn! She was initially made for and gifted to my niece, but then my niece turned out not to be a doll person, lol! So Brookie stays here now and is the only reborn in my collection that I have made and kept.

🌈 Willow Rainbow and River Shooting Star ⭐️

Meadow by Andrea Arcello was used to create Willow Rainbow, and Felicia by Gudrun Legler was used to create River Shooting Star. Both custom made for a very young, but very responsible collector. They both had combi hair.


Romy by Gudrun Legler. Romy was created using my own free style and then adopted. He had painted hair.


Sage by Bountiful Baby. Bonnie was adopted by a young responsible collector of Cutie Pie Joy nursery, and had painted hair! You can follow her journey on Tiktok.


Realborn Alexa by Bountiful Baby was created to resemble the client's daughter.