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Everything you need for your reborn baby dolls!


I price my reborn art dolls on labour and materials.

Most commonly ordered reborns are $500USD to $1085USD depending on hairstyle. This includes shipping and a YouTube-worthy box opening as a gift from me to you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Reborn baby girl Rosalie, reborn boy Martin and black reborn doll Alexa by Bountiful Baby all reborn by Reborn Dolls by Sara in Canada.

How much are your babies?


All of my reborn dolls are priced differently based on labour.

Some of the factors that effect labour are:

- Type and size of reborn (i.e silicone reborn doll vs vinyl reborn, cuddle baby vs reborn with full limbs, 6" baby vs 23" baby etc.)

- Hairstyle (bald babies are faster to complete than fully rooted babies, so they are less expensive)

- Supplier. I've partnered with some suppliers who are a team of artists who all work together to complete reborns faster than 1 person can. They reborn the dolls in a simple, affordable way, and therefore are less expensive than my own reborns.

How much is shipping?


Shipping is free to all Canadians and United States residents.

International customers, please message me with your mock order and I will invoice you via PayPal Goods and Services as shipping is not free.

For items that I have locally, pick-up can be arranged and may save you money as well.

See individual product descriptions to see if savings are possible.

Can I pay in Canadian Dollars?


Scroll down to the bottom of the site and you can toggle from USD to CAD.

Returns? Refunds?

Since most of my items are handmade or come from another supplier, I am not able to provide refunds.  If you would like to see more photos or a video of your item before purchase, please message me.

Having said that, if your item arrives and is completely not as described, send me a message and I will handle these on an individual basis.

If you have questions, please contact me by e‑mail at

Where are you located?

I'm located in the small town of Arnprior, Ontario (Canada). But I ship world-wide!

If you're in Canada, why do you charge US Dollars?

All of my inventory is sourced in US Dollars, including inventory from Macpherson Arts and Crafts which is located right here in Ontario!

So in order to save my clients on the exchange rate, my default currency is USD, but you can change it by toggling to CAD at the bottom of the site.

Can I pick up my order in person?


Message me before checking out or place in the notes that you prefer to pick up in person, and I will message you when your order is ready for pickup.

There may be some savings on items as well where I have estimated for shipping.

What is the difference between a cuddle baby and a reborn doll?

Check out my blog that explains all reborn types to see photos!

Do you do custom or portrait babies?

I do both, yes. 

Custom reborns allow you to choose the blank vinyl reborn kit (sculpt), eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, details, and gender. 

A portrait baby is where the client submits a photo of a real baby and I create a reborn to look like the baby.  

This term can also be used when submitting photos of the parents for me to create a reborn that looks like what their baby could have looked like.

Single individuals can do this as well! See my TikTok video for examples.

Prices are based on size and hairstyle. The most common size ordered is a newborn (18-22") and prices range from $500-1085USD which includes shipping and a beautiful box opening.

Browse all sizes and prices here.

Browse my custom and portrait openings here.

Do you accept payment plans or layaway?

Yes! I have 4 types of payment plans available: Sezzle, Lay-Buy, Shop Pay and I also offer private payment plans through PayPal if these don't work for you.

click here for info on the differences between payment plans.