About Reborn Dolls by Sara

Art...with a benefit. My mission is to inspire mental wellness and joy to every collector by creating original, one of a kind, authentic, high quality reborn art dolls in every race, ethnicity, gender, and ability.  

My vision is to be a trusted and experienced prototype artist and teacher, crafting award-winning life-like reborn dolls in vinyl and silicone for film, tv, memorials, collectors and enthusiasts.

I pride myself on being one of the few nurseries that offer a full gamut of hairstyles to fit every budget and taste from directionally micro-rooted hair, combination hair (painted with light micro-rooting through-out the top), painted hair, and baldies.

My box openings include lots of fun items for the new parents, sourced from other small businesses and female entrepreneurs wherever possible.  

From Financial Advisor to Reborn Doll Artist?!

Listen below to my guest appearance on the Ottawa Valley Boss Babes podcast where interviewer Holly Molenaar and I chat about how I became a reborn doll artist, and how reborn dolls are helping people.