Art...with a benefit.
My mission is to inspire mental wellness and joy to every collector by creating original, one of a kind, authentic, premium material, reborn art dolls in every race, ethnicity, gender, and ability.  
My vision is to be a well known, trusted and experienced prototype artist and teacher, crafting award-winning life-like reborn dolls in vinyl and silicone and teaching people how to reborn all over the world.


About Sara

Sara Lahaie is the sole Canadian artist of Reborn Dolls by Sara in her home town of Arnprior, Ontario. She started reborning in October 2019, then made her dolls available for adoption in January of 2020.

Sara graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology, so she has a thorough grasp of mental health. She always wanted to be an artist when she grew up since she was 6 years old, and had a passion for dolls as a child.

Sara is unique as an artist because she creates reborns of all races and abilities, including alternative dolls. She offers fully micro and mono-rooted hair and has a knack for cutting and styling it since both her mother and sister were hairdressers!

She also uses a variety of mediums to bring her reborns to life, including RebornFX acrylic air dry paints, Pan Pastels, Prism Color Pencils, and Genesis Heat Set Paints to reborn her dolls.

Sara likes to partner with other female entrepreneurs to source her inventory, and only uses premium materials in her dolls such as Polyfil, fine glass beads and premium glass beads for weighting the head, chest and stomach. 

She has a very unique and realistic way of weighting the babies using gender, length, and age of the reborn for an ultra realistic, melt in your arms cuddle!

Listen to Sara's guest appearance on the podcast OV Boss Babes below to hear the emotional interview about how she got into reborning. 

Certifications and Courses

In order to improve her innate talent, Sara has taken the following courses:

1. Sara obtained her seal and became part of the guild of "Reborn A to Z", an all inclusive course by master doll artist Shaylen Maxwell, Canadian artist and owner of Reborn Sweet.

2. "Blond 3D Hair Painting" by Christine Woolley of Silver Lining Art Dolls.
3. "How to Draw Whispy Reborn Baby Hair" by Kim Yerino from Custom Doll Baby. 

4. "Pan Pastel Hair Shading" by Shelley Marie, resident artist of Macpherson Crafts

5. "RebornFX Air Dry Beginner Tutorial" by Shelley Marie of MacPherson Crafts.
6. "Painting Hair and Eyebrows" by LaDonna Briggs, well known and talented artist of Sweet Potato Pie Nursery.

7. "REAL Reborn Beginner Basics" by Lara Antonucci of Angels in Waiting Nursery.

8. "REAL Reborn Basics of rooting" by Lara Antonucci of Angels in Waiting Nursery