I have affordable lifelike reborn dolls starting at $69.99 here

Each custom or portrait reborn is priced based on type of reborn and hairstyle.  Therefore, the below are rough estimates that could change based on the size of the reborn and whether or not it's a sold out limited edition kit.  


My YouTube-worthy box openings for are usually reflective of the reborn themselves, as well my client's preferences, but typically include:

  • Two to three outfits
  • Handmade silicone pacifier clip (made by me)
  • Magnetic pacifier (typically handmade by me unless other preferred)
  • Blanket
  • Birth certificate and/or Certificate of Authenticity
  • Headband for girls (handmade by me or another small business)
  • Four to Five diapers
  • Mohair brush if applicable
  • Anti-scratch mitts and socks for cuddle babies

Here are some examples of past box openings.

Twin A B by Bonnie Brown reborn box opening.

Reborn Ana by Gudrun Legler as a boy Raymond David and his reborn doll box opening before going home.

Realborn reborn Sage by Bountiful Baby as a cuddle baby now Bonnie with her box opening before going home.

Reborn cuddle baby Sparrow from the Suu Kyi kit by Adrie Stoete and her box opening before going home.


Sara Lahaie - Reborn Dolls by Sara said:

Hi Saly,

Reborn art dolls are a luxury item, however; I offer several payment plans to help! Send me a message through the chat if you wish to discuss your options, or check out my blog called payment plans for more info. You can also opt to go for a budget baby when they are available, or a cuddle baby. Lastly, you can also purchased a pre-loved reborn through www.reborns.com


Sara said:

Check out my budget babies and affordable babies in the section called “reborns for sale” and you’ll see some affordable options there.

Saly. Jean Gosselin said:


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