Picture this: you're trying to post a reborn doll for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and it gets rejected hours later after all your hard work. You even post "Facebook, this is a doll!" in the description and still, rejected.  So you try to be responsible and click on their link to their e-commerce policies... but they're way too confusing!   

Don't worry: I've done some research and dissected the policies, and can tell you in plain language what their bots are scanning for! 

Facebook is trying to watch for people doing any kind of illegal activity, especially if it involves the harm of a child or animal.  SO, their automatic 'bots' scan for certain keywords, and when they find them, they reject the post.  

So, no: writing "this is a doll" will not help you, because no human will ever see your message.  

Facebook bots scan and delete any posts on Marketplace involving the following subjects and/or keywords:

  • Body parts.  This is huge for us as reborn doll artists! They are scanning for people selling healthcare products online, trafficking, conducting illegal adoption, sperm donation, egg donation, etc.  They also don't want people diagnosing each other on there, who may not be a licensed professional.  That means saying these following words could get your post rejected: ethnic, limbs, arms, legs, body, infertility, adopt, adoption, African American, Caucasian, Asian, Chinese, girl, boy, mental wellness, mental health, anxiety, depression, Down Syndrome, or any other physical or mental abilities or descriptions.  
  • Along the same lines, they are also scanning for discrimination of ANY kind, be it age, race, colour, national origin, gender, medical or genetic disability.  That means saying "must be 18 or over" may trigger a rejection as well as saying "black" "asian" "non-binary" "toddler" etc. 
  • Tobacco products or smoke (I believe saying smoke-free is ok but I couldn't find that anywhere so I recommend using caution when using the word "smoke")
  • Animals or ANIMAL PARTS. Again, this is important for us reborn doll artists. Words such as "mohair", Angora goat, Suri alpaca, alpaca hair, piglet, pig, hamster, dog, puppy, could get your post rejected. 
  • No "looking for" posts.  Apparently they frown upon that.  
  • The word "kit" may be a trigger because they are scanning for the words "alcohol kit" as they don't allow the selling of drugs or alcohol on there.
  • No nudity what so ever.  I don't know how they scan for this, but if you're posting an anatomically correct reborn for sale on Facebook Marketplace, cover their bits!

So how do we get around this when it's so important for us to mention some of these keywords or subjects?  Well, one way you can do it is to write it up in the notes section of your iPhone, then screenshot it and post the photo along with your ad.  Another way you can do this is to create a photo with text description using the website www.canva.com.  They do have a free option that will allow you to do this and you can use their website or download their ap to your device.  

I hope this helps! If I made a mistake or forgot to add something, please let me know in the comments.

To shop my reborns for sale, head to: https://reborndollsbysara.com/collections/reborns-for-sale 


Karen Gunn said:

I’m really shocked about the information you’ve shared because I’ve read what other seller’s have wrote and they don’t get their post taken down.

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