Commonly Ordered Reborn Babies

These prices are for the two most commonly ordered newborn sized reborn dolls: vinyl (regular) reborn dolls and cuddle babies.

Each category is further broken down into four hairstyles, and prices are based on the hairstyle chosen.

All Prices

This list is for all of the different types of reborn dolls I offer, in newborn sizes and not sold-out limited edition kits. For other sizes or questions, please send me a message for a personal quote.

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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Sara worked with me a helped bring to life my little Sayuri who is perfect I highly recommend Sara and I thank her so much for Sayuri!
— Cyndy C.
Customer Reviews
This is my baby girl Twiler and a beauty at that, Sara came into my life and did a baby girl for me when I needed it so bad. I am so amazed how she turned out. I am truly lost for words. You want a baby see how my baby girl looks, wouldn't change it for the world. The hair is the bomb and the skin colour and the marking on the forehead omg. I am so greatful and so proud of this baby I will cherish her for ever. Sara Lynn Lahaie again thank you I can't wait to see what my other baby is going to look like.
— Robin M.
Customer Reviews
Love the baby I got from Sara she's beautiful!
— J. Nardelli
Customer Reviews
Sara got in touch with me to let me know that she had a baby available for adoption, she was friendly and quick to respond, We just received the baby today only three days after talking, The baby was packaged nicely and the baby girl was just beautiful:) I would order from her again, as her work is beautiful. Thank you again Sara my daughter will love her ❤️
— J. Weaver

Reborn Dolls by Sara

Experience the World of Reborn Dolls at Reborn Dolls by Sara.
Welcome to Reborn Dolls by Sara, your go-to destination for all things reborn dolls. As a passionate small business owner, I take great pride in offering an extensive range of products designed to meet your reborn doll needs. From ready-to-ship reborn art dolls to custom creations, I am committed to providing you with art that stands the test of time, and exceptional customer service.

Experience Therapeutic Bliss with Reborn Dolls
At Reborn Dolls by Sara, you'll discover an enchanting collection of ready-to-ship reborn art dolls that will capture your heart. Each doll is meticulously crafted to evoke a lifelike, hyperrealistic appearance, making them a perfect addition to your collection, a unique gift for a loved one, a newborn photography stand-in, a model for doulas, or a stand-in for film. I also specialize in crafting custom reborn dolls as well as portrait babies, granting you the invaluable chance to envision what your baby could look like. Whether you seek to glimpse the precious face of a future bundle of joy or to hold a cherished baby close once again, I am dedicated to bringing your desires to life with a full satisfaction guarantee. I won't ship your reborn to you until you are happy!

Complete Your Reborn Doll's Ensemble
Enhance the realism of your reborn dolls with my carefully curated assortment of affordable luxury baby clothes, featuring vintage-inspired Spanish baby clothes, trendy boho outfits, and more. I have established partnerships with small businesses in Canada, the United States, Singapore, and China to source high-quality baby clothes at affordable prices, ensuring that your reborns always look stylish and photo-ready without breaking the bank.

Unparalleled Quality and Attention to Detail
At Reborn Dolls by Sara, I understand the importance of using the finest materials and supplies for your reborning projects. That's why I have personally tested and selected a variety of reborning supplies that guarantee exceptional results. As fellow reborn artists, we share a passion for perfection, and I am dedicated to offering you the best tools and resources to create stunning prototype-worthy reborn art dolls.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits Tailored for You
As a token of my appreciation, I am delighted to offer you a range of exclusive benefits. Take advantage of my free shipping policy on orders over $50 and earn rewards through my customer loyalty program. Shop worry-free and enjoy hassle-free returns for added peace of mind. I re-size all of the clothing in my store to make it comparable to Carter's sizes, which we know and love. But if I get it wrong, let me know and I will fix it. To make your shopping experience more flexible, I also provide payment plans through Sezzle, Shop Pay, and PayPal Goods and Services (private payment plans).

Join the Reborn Dolls by Sara Community
I invite you to become part of the Reborn Dolls by Sara community, where creativity thrives and dreams come to life. Explore my website today and unlock a world of imagination, exceptional craftsmanship, and personalized service. Trust in my commitment to delivering an outstanding experience as you embark on your journey into the captivating realm of reborn dolls.