Sparrow, reborn cuddle baby made by Reborn Dolls by Sara from the Suu Kyi kit by Adrie Stoete, saying "why are reborns so expensive?" for a blog called "why reborn dolls cost so much."

Why are reborn dolls so expensive?

What does it cost to make a reborn? Why are reborn dolls so expensive? Why are there cheap reborns out there and expensive ones? What do I need to invest in to become a reborn doll artist? 

How to make a reborn art doll blog and list of tutorials. In the photo I am pictured rooting a reborn doll and using a magnifying glass.

Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Reborn Art Doll

How are reborn dolls made? How do I become a reborn doll artist? Where can I watch free reborning tutorials? What do I need to start a reborn doll business? Where can I purchase reborning supplies? I answer all of these questions and more in my blog on How to Make a Reborn Art Doll.