18.5" Dara Affordable Full Body Silicone Drink and Wet Asian Reborn Baby Girl - No clothing

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Gaze into this little baby girl's eyes, and experience the bond between the two of you as you hold her for the very first time.

Dara has brown acrylic eyes, hand painted bottom eyelashes and an open mouth that can accept a modified pacifier, and a preemie or small baby or doll bottle for feeding.

This little girl has armature in her so she'll be able to sit up without assistance and is poseable, without tearing her soft silicone. The armature feels like a bone within the limbs, so if you want her to be extra squishy, let me know that you want the armature removed, for extra squish! This will also remove her drink and wet system though as they are a pair. She wears preemie sized clothing best and newborn sized baby diapers.

This full body silicone drink n' wet reborn baby was made affordable. That means she was lightly hand painted, and has some seam lines and other imperfections from the molding process. She also does not come home with any clothing in order to keep her affordable.

Choose your skin tone option from 1, 2, or 3 and hair colour or no hair. 


- Drink and Wet system
- Weighs 2.8kg / 6.17lbs
- 47cm / 18.5" long
- Wears preemie sized clothing best or doll clothing
- Wears size Newborn diapers best
- Lightly hand painted
- Rooted eyebrows
- Painted bottom eyelashes 
- Armature (can be removed, drink and wet system will be removed as well)
- Rooted Hair with choice of hair colour
- Choice of skin tone
- Anatomically correct
- Open mouth for modified pacifiers and bottles
- PVC and Phthalate-Free soft squishy silicone
- Shows seam lines and pour lines, which is why she is affordable
- No clothing in order to keep her affordable

Imported from Singapore. Please allow 1 to 7 business days processing and up to 12 business days for delivery to Canada, and up to 10 business days shipping to the United States. I will email you your tracking number once your baby has shipped!